Nominations for the ORCA Prize

Nominations for the 2024 ORCA Prize can be submitted via Deadline to do so is 15 January 2024 23:59 CET. This prestigious prize is given to individuals, groups or organizations in recognition of their outstanding contributions to matters concerning dental caries. Only ORCA members can make nominations for the prize, but nominees do not need to be ORCA members. Moreover, there are no restrictions for nominations with respect to age or seniority, and persons who have previously been nominated unsuccessfully can be renominated.

The main qualification is the nominee’s impact in cariology. This can be: original research work in cariology; the promotion of caries research; the implementation of cariology into practice; and major contributions to oral health with special respect to caries. In line with the breadth of research presented at ORCA congresses, we extend cariology to include other hard tissue disorders. The prize committee will evaluate a broad range of parameters including societal and scientific impact.


2023 Awardee: Sue Higham

Sue Higham








Sue Higham has been a leading cariology researcher for many years.  Her strengths lie not only in her scientific approach, but also in her mentorship and supervisory capacity where she has supported many students (44 postgraduates), of whom many are now senior ORCA members and Chairs at UK and International Universities.  Sue’s ability to share ideas, provide constructive and thoughtful feedback has been recognised by all who have worked with her.  In addition to her clear contribution to the science, Sue has also been a significant contributor to the life of ORCA, having not only served on the Board for 12 years but also organized the Liverpool ORCA meeting in 2013 which was a great success.

Sue got her degree of Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (microbiology and biochemistry) with Upper Second Class Honours at Manchester Polytechnic in 1983.  Subsequently she got in 1986 the degree of Doctor in Philosophy, at the University of Liverpool with a thesis entitled: Studies in the relationships between pH carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism in human dental plaque, under the supervision of Professor Mike (W M) Edgar.

In January 1987 she started as Research Fellow in Professor Edgar's laboratories in the Department of CLinical Dental Sciences at The University of Liverpool  and progressed steadily in her career: 1991 Lecturer in Oral Biology, 1999  Senior Lecturer in Oral Biology and 2003 Professor of Oral Biology IPHS & School of Dentistry University of Liverpool.

Throughout her career  she paid attention to the three pillars of a university position. She  regards her role as a University Teacher as someone able to facilitate undergraduates and postgraduates, to realise their full potential in learning activities through a combination of larger group didactic and small group seminar/tutorial based teaching methods. She has served many committees within the Faculty and Dental School. Her research has covered a range of physiological and biochemical aspects of oral biology with particular application to cariology and preventive odontology, which has led to over 350 published chapters, articles and abstracts.  She has led an active research group, which has developed an international reputation in dental research.  She has been able to translate her original, scientifically-based ideas into realistic practical projects, which have involved clinical staff and fostered valuable links.

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