2018 Winner: Gerald L. Vogel

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Dr Gerald Vogel got a bachelor degree in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, in 1965, and later MS (1970) and PhD degrees (1972) in Physical Chemistry at Georgetown University, in Washington DC, United States. Since 1974 he has worked in the Volpe Research Center (former Paffenbarger Research Center) of the American Dental Association Foundation. 

Dr Vogel's research has focused on the ionic composition of the microfluid inside a caries lesion and of plaque fluid. He is responsible for the development or improvement of most techniques used to analyze such small volume samples. More recently, Dr Vogel's research has focused on the enhancement of fluoride effect by additional calcium availability in the oral fluids.

Dr. Vogel has been an active ORCA member for several decades, participating in many of the ORCA congresses throughout the years.

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