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Important note: If you are not an ORCA member, you should ask an ORCA member to sponsor your presentation. The communication of sponsorship should be sent by the sponsor to the editor's email:

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Click Yes if you wish to apply for the ORCA Travel Fellowship. Please note that the applicant may not be a previous winner of the ORCA Travel Fellowship. (previous winner with a link to previous awardees - to be listed in the ORCA Travel Fellowship page)

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Upload requirements

 Click Yes if you wish to apply for the ORCA Nathan Cochrane Junior Scientist Award. By clicking the box above, you confirm that you fulfill the required criteria for this award:
have not more than 5 international publications identified in Medline on the day of the deadline for abstract submission for the next ORCA Congress;
be aged 35 or under on the last day of the ORCA Congress;
be present on the closing ceremony of the ORCA Congress;
not be a previous winner of the ORCA Young Investigator’s Award or Junior Scientist Award; (link to the previous winners)
must be the first author of the presentation;
the presentation must not be a review.

Additional requirements may be requested by email to the presenter before the ORCA Congress.

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