The ORCA Board decided during the 2021 Winter Board Meeting to provide regular updates about contemporary issues related to dental caries in a short, concise manner - Web Summaries.

Below table provides an overview of all current, past & future Web Summaries (click on title to download pdf):


Author Topic
Ruth Santamaria How to treat dentine carious lesions in primary teeth?
Rodrigo Giacaman Evidence-based Approaches for the Management of the Proximal Lesion in Adults
Peter Bottenberg Consensus on secondary caries (& questionnaire)
Gail Douglas Evidence-based community dentistry
Aylin Baysan Consensus on root caries


Below is the most recent issue of Web Summaries:

Baysan Root Caries Page 1

root caries page 2

Baysan Root Caries Page 3

Baysan Root Caries Page 4

Baysan Root Caries Page 5

Baysan Root Caries Page 6